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Your building permit - our responsibility

If you're ready to build, enlarge, renovate, or develop your house, we're here for you

Years of experience

With locals, municipalities, professionals and expats.

Small or BIG

No project is the wrong size.

Quick delivery

We're fast, real fast. While keeping quality high.

Huge network

Contractors, interior designers and financial advisors. You name them, we know them.

Selected projects

Your project is our responsibility

We will guide you through the process from idea to realisation. Helping you out with plans where you need a permit (omgevingsvergunning) for and the ones which are permit-free (vergunningvrij).

In a country full of rules and exceptions, it’s important to have a ‘one-stop-shop’ to arrange everything you need regarding your building plans.

What we offer you:

Architectural Construction Drawings

Your building plan will be translated into a 3D architectural construction drawing. The municipality and contractor will use these drawings as the basis of further planning.

Structural Calculations

In case of any changes to the structure, you’ll need a structural calculation. For the permit, the contractor, the insurance, but most importantly, your safety.

Permit Application

We hand in the relevant files and apply for the building permit on your behalf. All communication goes through us so you have time to focus on the next steps.

Get started with your building plan

Underneath you’ll find a selection which we can help you with.


Extend your house to the back.

Roof Terrace

Create more outdoor space.


A dormer gives you space to stand, and improve the rooms light.

Roof Extension

A roof extension creates an entire extra floor on the house.

Window Change

Placing new windows in the house.

Facade Insulation

Insulate the house in a new warm jacket on the outside.

Bay Window

A bay window gives you more light, space and luxurious appearance.


Building a basement can give you practical space for all kinds of purposes.


Some old foundations have had their best time, and need to be replaced to prevent damage.


Have your car safely protected against the weather.


An annex can come in various sizes, from an office to a shed.

Structural Wall Breakthrough

In order to remove a structural wall, you will need supporting beams.

Still in doubt? See how our customers rate us:

Needed an ‘omgevingsvergunning’ for the extra layer we wanted on our house. Rather quickly we received the drawings and structural calculations for the dakopbouw with which they applied for the permit on our behalf.
jessica wild
jessica wild
In a moment of despair, we found Chris who was able to meet a very narrow deadline, provide exhaustive explanations, and go above and beyond when liaising with key stakeholders to help secure a fast decision. During all this, he always had time for us and was super nice to work with (in English). Highly recommended !
S & C Lautner
S & C Lautner
The quickest process I’ve had so far with anything regarding our renovation. > I needed an environmental permit for a structural wall removal. They delivered within a week and I had my permit three weeks later. 5/5
Night In De Pijp
Night In De Pijp
Had great help with the permit for my extension with a roof terrace in Amsterdam. They took care of all the communication with the authorities. I was also introduced to a contractor who could start the week after the permit was granted. Would definitely recommend!
Chad Treloar
Chad Treloar

Our efficient process goes as follows:


Feasibility Check

We check if the building plan is possible according to all wishes. You wil be informed of the best process for your plans.


All architectural construction drawings will be made, and discussed with you.


When the drawings are finished, the structural calculations can be made.

Permit Application

When your building plans are ready, we apply for the permit on your behalf.

As soon as we can apply for the permit, we can help selecting the ideal contractor for your project.